Well - I use to sell drugs, and it was all about who had the best
“hook up.”  As believers it can be hard to find the hook up on
the different ministries out there. So here is the hook up. 


Getting high, girls, and alcohol, describes how I tried to find satisfaction without Jesus Christ in my life. God radically changed my life during the time I spent at a one-year Torchbearers Bible School in Winter Park Colorado. The last place I ever thought I would be was Bible School. My world was rocked as I dove into God’s word in the classroom, on missions trips, and through outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing and of course SNOWBOARDING!”

Dare 2 Share

After God radically changed my life,
my main passion is living all out for
THE Cause of Christ and telling everyone about the greatest message in the world - the message of Jesus Christ.
I got hooked up with this sweet organization called Dare 2 Share which allows me to go out and help train teens on how to share their faith. I’m speaking at the 2011/2012 conference tour.
Check it out.

Compassion International

Recently I've gotten connected with this super sick organization called Compassion. They give us an opportunity to Be Christ and Share Christ to kids around the world who are in poverty by sponsoring a child. I've seen first hand in El Salvador and Colombia how legit Compassion is with reaching our world with the Gospel message and loving on these kids and families. See the website

Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ

One of my favorite places to share Jesus is while I am snowboarding on the mountain. That is why I get so amped about SFC because they are all about bringing the Gospel to the mountains as they shred it up. If your a shredder, check out their website as they might have a local chapter near you - they are even in the Midwest!!

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If you're interested in having Zane Black come and speak, we would love to hear from you.