Zane Black is passionate about the new life and purpose that he has found with Jesus, and sharing it with teenagers across the nation. It wasn’t until after high school that Zane discovered following Jesus is the greatest adventure in life. With a surfer-cool style, attitude and a heart that is on fire for Jesus; Zane has a unique way of relating to teens about the struggles they’re going through and shows them the freedom they can have in Christ.

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Hockey Obsession

I have been thinking through my passion (or what some would call obsession) with hockey lately.  Basically…..I am totally hooked!  I have become consumed with hockey.  I followed the Colorado Avalanche through regular season, and now its playoffs and I don’t even like any of the teams, but I still watch it. Not only that but I now keep a hockey stick in our kitchen along with a practice puck so I can work on my dangles (stick handling).  It all started because of this crazy Canadian kid who came two years ago. Before the pond froze he would practice his stick handling in the driveway, when the temperatures finally dropped he spent hours upon hours just shoveling and fixing the rink to perfection, and when hockey season came would spend every free moment skating and working his skills.  It was like his hockey infatuation was a virus, he sneezed and I caught it.  I remember just watching him, being blown away by his commitment, and next thing I know…… I was hooked.  I wonder if the same thing happens for those who are passionate about God.  Will others catch their obsession?  What if you and I were to become totally infatuated with Jesus, to the point where our commitment, devotion, and obsession for Jesus caused others to love Him too? 

You're My Inspiration

After every Dare 2 Share conference I walk away with 3 thoughts. 


  1. I'm Tired
  2. I'm amazed by how God can speak through a donkey.  He spoke through one in Numbers 22:28, and He did it again through me
  3. I'm overwhelmed by the courage, boldness, passion, dedication, and straight up awesomeness of YOU students.  You continue blow me away by how you respond to God’s call on your life. 

After every conference I get to hang out with you students and hear stories of your courage to stand up for Jesus even when its not cool - it’s inspiring. Your boldness to speak out about what you believe even when its scary - it’s encouraging. Your passion to reach your friends with the love of Jesus even in the midst of opposition – it’s contagious.  Your dedication to live for God as a teenager even when the pressures of the world surround you – it challenges me to do the same.

So thank you….thanks to all you teenagers I have met over the years of conferences, youth groups, events, and bible studies. Keep pressing on, depending on the power of Christ in you, God is working through you.

You are an inspiration to me.


I have been putting off writing blogs for years.  I have wanted to do it, as a way to help me process through the things I am learning, and invite others in on the process. 

So why now? 

His name is Rolly.

Rolly Richert.  One of my mentors and inspirations just recently passed away.  I believe that even though he died on earth, he is even more alive now in Heaven.  It still hurts, as a write this with tears in my eyes remembering his life wishing he were still here, wishing I could ask him questions, and gain from his wisdom.

But that is not why I write this. 

Rolly would not want people to get stuck in the past, thinking about what was or what could have been.  Rolly was all about living in the moment.  I can almost hear his voice, as I remember him talking about how life is made up of seconds.  “You can not live in the past, nor can you live in the future, all you have is this moment, and then it’s gone.”

Rolly helped me to strive to be the best I could, through God’s strength, and to make the most of every moment.

I encourage you to do the same.

Be fully present, making the most of every moment you have.  Give people your full attention when you are with them.  As opportunities come before you, give it all you got, who knows how many more you will have.  That thing that you keep putting off, go for it now.  That friend that you have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell them about Jesus, tell them now.  Life is short, we cant go back, we can’t skip ahead, you only have NOW, so make the most of it.  I am starting by putting my thoughts down, a blog, and who knows what it will turn in to in the future? But that is not my concern, I only have this moment….

Ephesians 5:16 “make the most of every opportunity”