Zane Black is passionate about the new life and purpose that he has found with Jesus, and sharing it with teenagers across the nation. It wasn’t until after high school that Zane discovered following Jesus is the greatest adventure in life. With a surfer-cool style, attitude and a heart that is on fire for Jesus; Zane has a unique way of relating to teens about the struggles they’re going through and shows them the freedom they can have in Christ.

2015 Calendar of Events 

 Jan 2-4    EFCA Districts    Green Bay, WI
 Jan 7-10   Dare 2 Share Rehearsals   Denver, CO
 Jan 16-18   The Edge Conference   Gatlinburg, TN
Jan 23-24
  Dare 2 Share - FEARLESS    Seattle, WA
Feb 6-7   Dare 2 Share - FEARLESS
  Eden Prairie, MN
 Feb 11
  Grace Church Outreach   Eden Prairie, MN
 Feb 20-21
  Dare 2 Share - FEARLESS
  San Diego, CA
Feb 27-28 Dare 2 Share - FEARLESS
Denver, CO
Mar 4 Wooddale Church Outreach Eden Prairie, MN
Mar 6-7 Dare 2 Share - FEARLESS
Columbus, OH
Mar 13-14 Dare 2 Share - FEARLESS
Chicago, IL
Mar 18 JSAW Outreach Minneapolis, MN
Mar 20-21 Dare 2 Share - FEARLESS
Kansas City, MO
Apr 10-11 Dare 2 Share - FEARLESS
Washington D.C.
Apr 17-18 Dare 2 Share - FEARLESS
St. Louis, MO
Jun 21-27 Dare 2 Share - LTCU Chicago, IL
Jun 30 - Jul 3 Falls Creek Davis, OK
Jul 13-18 Dare 2 Share LTCU Denver, CO
 Jul 20-24   LIFT    LeTourneau, TX
 Jul 27 - Aug 1    Dare 2 Share LTCU    Portland, OR
 Aug 7-8    HeavenFest    Denver, CO

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